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Juli has a complete quality management system

Shandong Juli Welding Materials Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system, and its products have passed China (CCS), the United States (ABS), Norway. Germany (DNV.GL), the United Kingdom (LR), France (BV), Italy (RINA), Certification of Korea (KR), TUV, CE, CWB and other institutions. Juli always adheres to the quality goal of "high-quality products to win customers, standardized innovation and high-quality products".

The company has advanced R&D equipment and R&D sites

The company now has advanced complete sets of testing, testing, R&D and other equipment and a complete set of 102 sets of physical, chemical, and welding test analysis equipment, which can meet the needs of the industry's technology and product development, design, control and testing. The original value was 15.62 million yuan, of which more than 80% were advanced equipment at home and abroad. In order to ensure the needs of technological progress and technological innovation, the existing equipment is constantly enriched and updated to ensure its leading position and meet the needs of scientific and technological means.


The company has a special technology center scientific research building and a pilot workshop, with real estate areas of 1023 square meters and 6,325 square meters respectively. The basic conditions such as R&D office automation and information sharing have been realized, and there are office, rest, R&D, testing, and operation places that meet the needs. And facilities.

The company has advanced detection technology and capabilities

The company’s laboratory has passed the CNAS national accreditation laboratory certification, and its technology center has been evaluated as a demonstration engineering technology research center by Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology; it has been evaluated as a provincial-level enterprise technology center by Shandong Economic and Information Commission; it has been identified as a Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission Provincial engineering laboratory; recognized as a provincial "one enterprise, one technology" R&D center by Shandong Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau. The "Shandong Juli Automatic Welding Engineering Technology Research Center" company recognized by the Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong Province with independent legal personality has undertaken the National Torch Program, National Key New Product Program and National Innovation Fund projects, and the enterprise flux-cored welding wire project is included in the Shandong Province Strategy Emerging industries. Nearly one hundred scientific research projects have passed national and provincial appraisal and acceptance. The company has more than ten patents and is one of the drafting units of the national welding material standards.


The company has experienced innovative talents

Juli adheres to the people-oriented management philosophy, recruits talents and recruits 91 technicians who have been engaged in welding materials research and development for many years, including 12 senior engineers and 20 engineers, including 6 doctors, 48 ​​masters and undergraduates. Regularly select and send some business backbones and young and promising scientific and technical personnel to relevant universities and colleges for targeted cultivation, and according to the situation of the central subject, from time to time, experts from relevant institutions are invited to teach in the company, so that the overall quality of the company's scientific research personnel has been unprecedentedly improved.


Shandong Juli Welding Materials Co., Ltd. has made bold reforms and forge ahead in accordance with the requirements of the company law and modern corporate governance structure, and has achieved new breakthroughs in all aspects of work, and the economic benefits of the company have grown rapidly.



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